Avoid Common Webinar Mistakes

Avoid Common Webinar Mistakes

Avoid Common Webinar Mistakes


Don’t spend too much time talking about yourself, your company, your history, what you’ll be covering…

Your attendees’ time is valuable – so get right to it. Don’t boast about how wonderful your products and services are. Instead, show them how wonderful you are by beginning the session on time and making the experience worth their while. If you haven’t started diving into the information within the first 5 minutes of your webinar, you’re running behind schedule.

Don’t entice people in with a free webinar only to pitch your products or services

Having a captive audience hanging on your every word is a great place to tout your new product. But, people aren’t coming
to your webinar to learn about a product. They are coming because of the subject matter you planned to discuss. If your webinar is only serving as a backdrop for a product you’re offering, you’re doing it all wrong. No one likes a narcissist, so talk about something other than yourself. Offer your webinar attendees clear benefits that they can gain from your event – without having to buy anything.

Deliver what you promise

If you’re going to offer someone a more effective game plan for managing PPC accounts, give them that information. If you have a tool or service that can help them manage the account, feel free to mention it. However, the idea of the webinar should be managing PPC accounts, not your new product or service. If you aren’t offering your attendees anything of value, you’re essentially offering them an infomercial about what you do. Not everyone likes infomercials but everyone enjoys information. Make the distinction clear and don’t con people into attending an hour-long product pitch.

Realize that your attendees’ time is valuable

The people watching your webinars are professionals eager to learn. Make their time worthwhile and give them information they can use and apply to their business. Start on time, provide them with good tips, and be sure to answer questions as they come. The more interactive you can be with your audience, the better. Attendees will likely have questions of their own, and this hour they’ve reserved to listen to you speak might be the perfect opportunity for them to seek their answer.

Put together a quality visual presentation and speak slowly

Realize that people attending the webinars are going to be trying to listen to you speak, most likely over a speakerphone while they are typing notes. Put together informative visuals for people to reference and elaborate on key points further while you are speaking. While having a photo of a soccer ball and two sentences on attaining goals might look visually appealing and keep your presentation clutter-free, what is that telling people? Keep your audience ever in mind and make sure they aren’t struggling to write down key points off your slides while also trying to remember what exactly you were saying.

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