Business Hangouts™, An Enterprise-Friendly Addition to Google+ Hangouts

Business Hangouts™, An Enterprise-Friendly Addition to Google+ Hangouts

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 The most scalable platform of its kind, is now ready for corporate webinars, trainings, webcasts and Virtual Events. 

August 28th, 2013 – Irvine, California. Altadyn®, the technology leader in visual collaboration platforms, today announced a new webcasting SaaS solution based on Google Hangouts. Business Hangouts TM, or BHO, is the enterprise-friendly app for Hangouts, suitable for Webcasts, Conferences, Webinars or other Virtual and Corporate Events. The platform, which opens in public beta today, can be used by corporations’ employees and managers as well as external Event Planners and Event Producers.

The new app uses the powerful and scalable infrastructure made available in Google+ and YouTube, for formal enterprise conferences, rather than the informal “hangouts” on the social network for which the platform is better known. The app-enriched platform allows millions of simultaneous attendees to a virtual event with up to 15 live simultaneous video streams, thus standing out of the crowd among web conferencing solutions. Used in a way similar to existing enterprise webinar and webcasting applications, with a professional approach, customizable registration pages, customizable e-mail templates for invitations, confirmations, reminders and follow-ups, BHO enables features such as screen sharing, HD video conferencing, moderated chat, audio volume and video control by the hosts and moderators.

Commenting on the new app, Ronnie Bincer, a Hangouts expert and consultant noticed: “One of the key values that Business Hangouts brings to the Google+ Hangout world is in the area of Interaction. Hangouts by themselves are fantastic when it comes to audience and presenter interactive capabilities. Business Hangouts clearly takes that to an even greater level. The ability for viewers to interact with participants in the Unified Chat is not just amazing, but ‘required’ once you see it working! Using the Registration/Planned Event model like Business Hangouts does allow for even greater types of interaction than Google’s tool is capable of on its own.”

“For my first experience with Business Hangouts, I joined a conference just using my android smartphone. With a simple 3G connection, both the audio and video worked smoothly, as well as the connections with the other participants. I am starting to plan and schedule my own business hangouts already.”, observed Paul Seguin, Strategic Planner at USACE – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – headquartered in Washington DC.

By allowing attendees to sign in with their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles as well as BHO’s own sign-in, BUSINESS HANGOUTS TM expands the outreach of the app beyond Google+ to other Social Networks, enabling platform-agnostic networking during a virtual event; attendees can chat and interact, while a click on their profiles enables viewing and adding.

An innovative geo-location feature allows the map view of attendees, scaled locally or globally depending on the nature and the extent of the event, showing the geographic view of the event’s attendance and outreach, at a glance.

Another first of its kind feature is the 3D immersive view of the conference room with all the attendees. Bringing a zest of Altadyn’s 3D avatar based technology into Google’s video conferencing, the 3D view creates a sense of presence in any virtual gathering.

Last but not least, BUSINESS HANGOUTS TM is free, not just as a trial but free forever with no ads, for meetings with less than 20 simultaneous attendees. Monthly and annual plans are available for individual hosts as well as Enterprise subscriptions. Learn more here:

To schedule your next online meeting, sign up here for free:

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