Business Hangouts™ Presentation Overview

Business Hangouts™ Presentation Overview

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Business Hangouts Overview from Darius Lahoutifard



  • 1. Bringing Google Hangouts to the Enterprise
  • 2. Are you using Webex or alikes? Move on to the new generation!
  • 3. Are You Limited to Google+ users ? Go Beyond , – Allow viewers from Facebook, LinkedIn, …
  • 4. Are you using Webex or alikes? Enable easy attendance by mobile users thanks to the Android and iOS apps iOS Android
  • 5. Geolocate your attendance Sense The Gathering & Remove the Distances / A First of Its kind
  • 6. Visualize your attendees in a 3D Conference Room Create a Sense of Presence Notice the Crowd Visually
  • 7. Virtual Events Combine Web Conferencing and 3D Virtual Trade Shows
  • 8. All-in-one Unified Chat including participants & viewers Unified & Moderated Hand raise & Upgrade to A/V More Moderation & Control
  • 9. Viewers app Unified & Moderated Hand raise
  • 10. Planning, Setup, Registration, Management/ Plan the Event
  • 11.  Registration rules, Email templates, Reminders, Follow-up
  • 12.  Example of a Follow-up: “Thanks” & “We Missed You!” emails
  • 13.  Sample customizable automatic HTML emails
  • 14. Fully Custom Registration. Expand to non-plussers, Facebookers, LinkedIners, … What information to collect for you?
  • 15. Planning, Setup, Registration, Management Other Setups. Links. Manage attendees.
  • 16. Manage Past or Future Events Reporting on attendees
  • 17. Permanent Virtual Rooms Fixed URLs and embeds
  • 18. Pricing & Features
  • 19. Recap for Hangouters ● A full featured registration module to manage attendees ● Enjoy an all-in-one Event/Planner/Notifications/Conferencing app ● A comprehensive e-mailing system with fully custom automatic invitation emails, reminder emails and follow up emails ● Let non-plussers attend your meetings thanks to the Facebook and LinkedIn connectors or a neutral sign in ● Add some privacy to your business meetings ● Enjoy the unified & moderated chat for participants and viewers ● Give the mic to a viewer on-the-fly and make them participant, the time of a question
  • 20. All-in-one app