Chromebox for Meetings and Private Internal Hangouts

Chromebox for Meetings and Private Internal Hangouts

Chromebox for Meetings and Private Internal Hangouts

Chromebox for Meetings and Private Internal Hangouts

We have been lucky to  receive a number on Chromeboxes as per Google’s recent announcement, and had a chance to try them.

Google’s Chromebox for meetings have a huge potential. If you are an early adopter, you should try them right away. Every mid size company with remote offices can increase productivity by using these affordable packages. Compared to older solutions from Cisco, Polycom or others, Chromeboxes increase performance and accessibility, while reducing cost of purchase and ownership.

  • Higher quality of communications with HD video and great audio
  • Increased accessibility, no need to login to a computer, just use a remote control
  • Several people in the same meeting room
  • Replace physical meetings at corporate office with easy regular remote meetings
  • Less expensive than any other alternative.
  • Reduce cost of travel, cost of communication, cost of other expensive equipments
  • Save time and increase effciciency

Using the new Chromebox for meetings also gave us a chance to review the possibilities of Hangouts inside a Google Apps Domain, in which the Chromeboxes are installed. We are sharing some of our findings in the pictures below. Also the video here includes both the possibilities as well as a practical “How To Setup” for Chromeboxes used in meetings, as we couldn’t find anything similar out there when we started, so we thought that should help small businesses who are interested.

You have to activate the Google+ premium features in your admin dashboard, in order to benefit from theses features. In that case, your Hangouts are by default restricted to your domain and each time you invite someone out of your domain you get both a warning at the time of invitation and a permanent notification in the lower left corner as in this image:


Following some recent changes, now a restriction you need to be aware of is that at this point, the only way to raise your max number of participants in your filmstrip over 10, (right now up to 15, and hopefully very soon 20, expecting Google to announce that), is to setup the Hangout from your Calendar event, like in this post, giving the Hangout a name (Sunday-BHO in this example).




Connecting to allows all members of the same domain to see the list of scheduled Hangouts by their name. This is how a Chromebox from a meeting room, connects to an existing scheduled Hangouts, with the remote control and without the need to login to any specific Google+ account.

Even for those hosts who receive guests in the same physical room for an interview or for a meeting, it’s a convenient way to get rid of the desk, the microphone and the ear-buds, as you have a decent quality of broadcast with this package.

Learn more in this video:

[youtube id=”azrHEUcBz_g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

More technical support content here.

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