Embed a Business Hangouts into a Facebook Page

Embed a Business Hangouts into a Facebook Page

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Embed a Business Hangouts into a Facebook Page.

As you may know by now, one of the most popular features of Business Hangouts is that it is social-network-agnostic for your viewers. You don’t need to limit your audience to Google+ or to any social network. You can actually embed your Business Hangouts into your own website, as many BHO hosts do, or as we do it ourselves for our webinars and demos.

Check our demos here: https://www.business-hangouts.com/demo/

But what you may not know is that a BHOA can actually be embedded even into a Facebook page.

You can use a 3rd party app such as Static HTML from Thunderpenny which allows you to easily create a custom tab on your Facebook Business Page, get the embed code from your BHO account and insert it there.

See our own Facebook page and check out a past event.

Business Hangouts in Facebook


Embedding a BHOA in Facebook or on your site is VERY DIFFERENT than embedding a YouTube link from a HOA or some other alternative solutions. Unlike alternative solutions, no matter where you embed your BHOA, all the event is happening in ONE place, comments appearing once, requiring only one response. In fact you can embed your BHOA in several places such as a Google+ Event AND Facebook AND your own Website AND direct BHOA link, without worrying about your multiple presence on all these pages to reply to questions and engage with your visitors, since all the engagement is federated inside the BHO UNIFIED CHAT.