Business Hangouts Features

Web Conferencing + Webinars + Webcasts

No need to purchase separate plans.

Your Brand – Your Way

Easily and quickly customize
event signup pages, as well as
invitation/registration emails.

No Downloads or Pin
Codes Required

No need to download or install any
special software

Super Scalable

You can have as many as 5,000+
simultaneous event viewers.

Private & Public Events

You can set your events to Private or
Public with Business Hangouts.


Record your event as a private or
public YouTube video.

Screen Share

Share any content from your desktop
or from YouTube, Google Sheets,
Google Docs, etc.

Integrated with G Suite

Business Hangouts is fully integrated
with Google Calendar, Gdrive, Sheets,
Docs, Slides, etc.

Charge for your Webinars

Ability to charge for your events
or special content, before or during
the event.

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Additional Business Hangouts Features

Super Simple Event Planner

You can easily plan your Webinars, Webcasts or Web Conferences by customizing everything from event sign up pages, registration emails and even recorded events.

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Unified Chat

Business Hangouts gives you complete control over real-time chat with your event participants. You can turn chat off or on and even allow for anonymous participant chat.

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Admin Controls

You can manage all users in your domain and grant them access to Business Hangouts. Ideal for organization that want to reuse same subscriptions for multiple employees.

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Auto Participant Registration

Import event attendee email lists directly into Business Hangouts. Allows for direct invitations, without registration or attendees pre-registration, including paid events

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Unlimited Events

You can have as little as 1 event per month or as many as 100s or even 1000s of events. No limit on how many events you can have.

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Moderation Controls

Simple moderation controls for audio and video. Promote and demote speakers and moderate chat with ease.

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Charge for your Webinars

Ability to charge for your events or special content, before or during the event. Quick setup – no special integration needed.

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Recordable Events

Business Hangouts events can be recorded, or kept private. You can also edit your recorded events with ease, via YouTube.

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Reminder and Post Event Emails

Automatic event reminder e-mails to all event registrants before the event. Automatic post event emails to all that attended or did not attend the event, but registered. All emails can be customized, including frequency and format.

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Custom Event Registration Page

Customizable event registration page with your own graphics, video, company logo, HTML, and even language.

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Share Files & URLs with Event Participants

Share surveys, G-drive files, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google forms and many other Google or non-Google files with ease.

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Event Attendee Registration API

The attendees registration API allows developers to pre-register attendees for a Business Hangout from your own web site. The API returns a unique link for each registrant

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Calendly Integration

Give your customers, users, event participants the ability to schedule an event using Calendly™ With Calendly™ you can preset event availability, automate scheduling and communication.

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Detailed reporting on event attendance as well as attendee contact lists, absent attendees, and pre event registrations. We even give you stats on your whole organization – if you have multiple accounts with us.

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Always-On Video Meeting Room

With Business Hangouts you create permanent event links which you can use for ongoing Webinars or Webcasts, recorded events, or open forums.

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Permanent Event URLs

Static URL of your event,so that you can share with people who did not attend the live event or before the event or use the link for a permanent event which can be scheduled for any time

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