Fireworks for Your Webinar

Fireworks for Your Webinar

A Simple Way to Convert Leads to Customers

Can you guess what’s the most valuable currency your customers can give you but can’t be returned?  Not a trick question—time and attention.

Attendees give you a powerful rarity in this day and age – their undivided attention for the time period. This is why webinars have become increasingly effective for Business to Business marketers to generate leads. Here are some helpful steps to best utilize this powerful tool:

Aim For the Target

Two vital question to ask yourself before starting the webinar:

  1. What is the purpose of the webinar?
  2. Who are you targeting?

Once these two questions are answer, you can decide how to clearly define your webinar content and map it to the customer lifecycle stages: Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert, and Expand.

Find the Format

Find the format that best suits the goal of your webinar.

Is it an educational webinar?

This is great for presenters to demonstrate their expertise on topics, also this develops a trust in the speaker and the brand. Also very effective, allow for some audience participation like a Q&A or live polling.

Is it a Q&A Webinar?

This involves the audience asking questions to a panel experts. These are easy to host because they don’t require you to prepare content in advance. The moderator should create a welcoming atmosphere where attendees feel comfortable participating. It’s best to prepare a list of seed questions to fill in any gaps.

Is it a panelist discussion?

Similar to a Q&A, but less audience driven. The moderator prepares questions that have been shared with the panel in advance. This allows the audience has the benefit of learning from top influences and exports.

Is it a workshop?

This involves walking viewers through a live step by step process. The host will often share their screen so the audience can see everything that’s occurring. Great for education and product demonstrations.

Putting it together

It’s best to start with booking your guest speaker first because their availability can have a big impact on your event.  Next, schedule. Map out dates for rehearsals, preparing content, and promotions.

It’s highly advisable to rehearse your webinar before your event. Make sure the audio and video are working properly, make sure attendees are able to access the webinar, and that your webinar solution is working properly.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Time to get everyone to the event. Automating your promotions is a very effective way to get attendees to show up. Also, using multi-channel promotions is a good strategy for marketing campaigns. Try using emails, website promotions, social media promotions, app banners, etc.

Don’t Let it Die – Reincarnate

After the event, continue to leverage content. Explore different ways you can shape content from your event. For example, turn it into blog posts, Ebooks, and other promotional formats.






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