Get Them to the Event

Get Them to the Event

Get Them to the Event

Webinars have drastically become a popular avenue for consumers to engage with industry leaders. However, with so much noise, getting attendees to your event can be challenging. Social media has become a powerful weapon in promoting awareness and signups for your events.

The Beginning: A Month Away.

You’ve made the decision to have an event and have your guest speakers in order. What now? Create an advertisement on your website via a sidebar slider or banner. You should create a dedicated landing page with a registration form. Many webinar solutions have an embedded code which you can place on your website. Next, time to get social media ads setup and running. Get display ads campaign setup and running.

It’s Creeping Up! Three weeks until the big day.

Time to publish a blog post about your event. Identify a few points from your event, though hook them– offer previews of what’s to come by sharing one or two of the most valuable insights of your event. Ask your guest speakers to promote as well. Next, create a social media buzz by posting statuses. Share the event link on Facebook Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+. Try posting two statuses on Facebook a week and 3-4 hashtags on Twitter a week.

But how do you pierce through all the noise on social media? Video clips. Short and sweet. Keep them between 30-60 seconds. You can broadcast live about your event with Periscope and Facebook Live. A benefit of Facebook Live is that you can use editing tools to chop up your live streams and create video adverts for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Iceberg Ahead! You got two weeks left.

It’s time to send an initial email blast with a link to the registration page. Continue posting on social media, as well.

Almost Showtime! One week.

Send reminder emails and really crank up social media posting efforts: 3-4 times/week on Facebook, daily hashtags on Twitter, and 2-3 times a week on Linkedin.

Last Minute Push!

The day before the event, send “A Last Chance to Register” email. Post a message on social media that the event is happening tomorrow. In addition, ask guest presenters to post on their social media, as well.

It’s Time To Go Live!

On the day of, send a “Last Chance to Register” email. Post across social media a “Starting Soon” message.

The Event Is Over, Now What?

Within 48 hours after your event, ensure webinar ad campaigns are turned off. Send a “Thank you” email to all attendees and “Sorry We Missed You” to those who didn’t attend. You can attach links to recording of the event along with any Q&A. Further, write a Q&A Blog Post answering questions and promote via email.

Utilizing social media with your webinar solution will help spread awareness and increase signups, getting them to the event!

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