Google+ No Longer Required For Business Hangouts

Google+ No Longer Required For Business Hangouts

No Google+ Account Required For Business Hangouts

Woohoo… It’s official!

July 30th, 2014

Even though we had noticed it since a while that we could get into a Hangout without a Google+ account, it’s only formally confirmed by Google today.

The announcement is for Google Apps customers but this specific function works for all gmail accounts. You still need a “Google” account (or Gmail), but you don’t need to activate Google+ on it in order to get into a Hangout.

  • Question: So if I’m not on Google+ , how do I start a Hangout?
  • Answer: To start a Hangout without Google+ you can use the one in the Gmail interface (former talk) and hit the camera icon in the chat box.
  • Question: And how do I get invited?
  • Answer: To get invited the host can use your e-mail address or through the BHO registration /invitation links.

For BHO users, this means that now when you have viewers who have joined just with a Google account, without having a Google+ profile, you can invite them into the panel and promote them as speakers!

Thank You Google!

UPDATE: 8/14/2014

BHO Hosts still need a Google+ profile. Not participants though.

More here under “Video Call Features available with G+”

UPDATE: 9/22/2014

Now in order to have a participant who has no G+ account, just a Google account into a BHOA, the host needs to do 2 things:

Invite them via the standard HOA invite dialog box at the top of the screen, then invite them from the viewer to participant so that they stay in a BHOA.

If you invite them just through the regular HOA interface, they won’t be able to activate the BHO app.

UPDATE: 5/20/2015

The recommended method to bring in a guest who has only a Google account (not a G+ profile) is to elevate them through the Business Hangouts invite button (cog wheel in front of the viewer’s name), or to do this prior to the event, as soon as that guest registers, under the MANAGE tab, so that they automatically join as a participant when they hit their personal invitation link.