Hacking Webinars – Unlock Your Potential

Hacking Webinars – Unlock Your Potential

Hacking Webinars – Unlock Your Potential


Nothing will ever top the excitement of a live webinar. Pre-recorded webinars won’t do the trick, you need to get the audience excited if you are going to convert them.  A live webinar naturally converts registrants to attendees.  Reaching out to your audience live will build a strong relationship and help drive conversions.  No matter what your goals, your audience will be more feel a closer bond when an event is live.

Conversely, there will be some viewers who just want to get the information and get out as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, these users will not want to stick around for a live webinar to get the information they want.  What do you do to accommodate both audiences?

Good news for you is we have done thousands of webinars, both pre-recorded and live, and we can share with you the tips and tricks that will help drive engagement and improve conversions.


Whether or not your event is pre-recorded or live, you need to make it sound live.  Your viewer wants to engage and the only way to do this is to ask questions and respond in real time.  By enabling chat in your webinars, you can run a pre-recorded webinar and answer your active users in real time.

When you go pre-recorded, don’t sit there and read a script!  Use an active voice and encourage your participants to engage.  You might consider responding to a question that is commonly asked and letting them know when you will be getting to the next section.  These tricks will make a pre-recorded webinar appear to be live.  Some presenters will go as far to tell the attendee it is a live webinar.

Audience members are savvy, and they will recognize quickly when you are not put the effort in, and there expectations will lower, as well as their level of interest. On the flipside, if you are giving a live presentation, your audience will be much more engaged, and will likely give you more leeway when it comes to your style, tone and delivery.


You know your product.  Ask the audience in advance what they would like to hear and adjust your script accordingly.   If your presentation feels like it has a repetitious flow, and a predictability to it, your audience will disengage. Feel free to stray from your standard presentation outline, and integrate different kinds of information delivery and some topics. A great way to do this is have your attendees vote beforehand and during your presentation, so you will always be delivering something that engages with them. This will also empower your audience to feel like they are in charge of the information that they receive, and your presentation will have more value to them.


Chop up your webinars into subtopics, and record new intros and exits for each piece. Making these changes will make the webinar easily accessible to new entrants.  You can also out long pauses, slip-ups, and other moments that detract from the professional tone you are looking to provide. Be sure to use a consistent naming convention to all of your videos so that audience members can easily assess and find what they are looking for in the future.


Bookmarks will help your viewers navigate within videos to specific points of interest.   Whether you end up editing longer webinars into smaller videos or not when archiving months, bookmarks provide efficiency to audience members who are looking to ascertain specific points within a short amount of time.


Google provides relevant results for its users.  The company strives to provide relevant results that are timely.  Your webinar is providing unique, user generated content for a specific time and day.  This event information is invaluable to Google’s Search results. Give yourself the widest reach by including all relevant event information in your social media and blog posts.  Whether or not a webinar is pre-recorded, be sure to re-market your webinars regularly for the widest distribution.

All of these tactics will take a little bit of extra time. However you want your presentations to not only blow your viewers away – you want them to come back for more, and build a strong relationship with your message and your brand.  Whether it is pre-recorded or live, your webinars provide valuable user generated content and can be used regularly to drive more traffic and conversions.



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