How do you like watching a live video? Alone or Together?

How do you like watching a live video? Alone or Together?

How do you like watching a video? Alone or Together?

No matter if it is for Education, Business, Entertainment, or simply a casual gathering, we often need to watch a live event or a video together. It means we want to see and hear each other, like in a Hangout, while being able to watch the same Live event simultaneously in multiple screens. The new feature “WATCH TOGETHER LIVE” from Business Hangouts allows you to do this, for free.

  • Education: to get expert’s or teacher’s comments explaining what we are seeing. This can apply to any live video,

  • Business: to collaborate and comment or emphasize parts of a video as it streams. Examples include watching a live conference such as Google I/O with other colleagues, or watching a corporations financial webcast live and analyze together.

  • Entertainment: to enjoy collectively, the group emotions, laughs, comments, etc, Examples include watching a live concert with friends, or watching a sports event together.

  • Politics: Analysts and experts commenting live, a politician’s speech.

Watch Together Live  is a FREE service letting you watch your preferred live stream, together with your friends, colleagues, students, or event attendees, in a Google+ Hangout with multiple screens!

The stream can be from Ustream, LiveStream, YouTube Live or another live HOA or Google+ Event.

WATCH TOGETHER is a BUSINESS HANGOUTS free service. All you need is a FREE Google+ account and a FREE Business Hangouts account, paste the link of your Live Event (see supported links), press the WATCH TOGETHER button and invite your Google+ connections. Try it now: