How to Deliver Effective Live Video Content

How to Deliver Effective Live Video Content

How to Deliver Effective Live Video Content


We have put together a few basic tips which will help you deliver effective video content to your users.  Video streaming is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience in virtually any business vertical.

Strong Internet Connection

When you record a video, you don’t have to worry about your internet connection. You can record, edit then upload. This is definitely not the case with live streaming. For live streaming, you will need a good, stable, reliable, internet connection. Make sure to use a wired connection, instead of Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi can be unstable and can cause unexpected drops.  Also make sure to use a connection that’s not too volatile or does not have a lot of users.  Some organizations may have a high speed connection – but when a lot of users connect at the same time, internet will certainly slow down.  If possible, use a dedicated wired internet connection so that there are no interferences or volatility.


Before you get started on your live stream, make sure to greet your viewers. With Business Hangouts, you can see who enters the live streams, so make an effort to just say hi and acknowledge them. This will help you build strong relationship with your audience and bring conversations into your live stream video. The more you include people into your content, the more they become active rather than just viewers.

Create Structure

Never go live without a clear message or purpose. Consider the structure of your live steam, even a small plan will help the streaming go smoothly. Ensure that you’re making a point to what you are saying or doing and not to waste the audience’s time. Start with topic ideas, the same way you would with a vlog or blog.

A structure can be created by simply organizing your event presentation into a simple sequence – for example:  5-minute introduction, 5-minute summary of the event, 5 minutes to introduce all presenters, 25 minutes for presentation, 15-minute Q/A and 5 minutes to close.  Make sure to let your audience know of your agenda before the event – so that they know what to expect.  Inform your event participants about Q/A process and explain to them how they can interact with the presenter.


It Does Not Need to be Perfect

Imperfections are actually acceptable to a certain extent.  Your audience wants to connect with “real” you and does not care about fancy clothing, fancy video setups or fancy production.  Most audiences only care about the message and the delivery. So don’t worry about slight imperfections.


Remember to Recap

When it comes to delivering live content, you must keep in mind that not everyone will join from the start to watch your live stream. Be sure to recap highlights regularly on what you have talked about and continue to greet newcomers who join.  It can be as simple as saying “Hi… we’ve been talking about (insert subject here) and so far, I’ve mentioned, and now we are going to continue about that!” By simply letting your viewers know what’s been happening, they won’t feel left out or forced to leave.

Without further ado, go live and have fun!  When things don’t go according to the plan, take advantage with humor. It’s important for brands to recognize that a brand needs to make room for spontaneity. Make a plan, adjust and have fun in the moment.

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  1. Thank you. This is very useful info. Even though I’ve spoken in front of groups before, I was quite nervous when I did my first live stream webinar. The butterflies went away quickly so I was settled enough to share the information that I set out to share. It is reassuring to know that people won’t mind a little imperfection.

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