How to secure Live Event Webcasting?

How to secure Live Event Webcasting?

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You have perfectioned the part on how to handle a web conference? But what about the security inline while leading it? Navigating in this world with a volatile security system and multi-field data on new innovations to present in the upcoming webinar can make you a prime target for the cyber attacks.

Your servers which store the presentation data, integrations you added for a smooth pickup of graphics, Internet line, etc., any medium can be used by hackers to mess up your presentation. And you can’t even imagine the price you pay for this data breach as it can damage your brand image heading to a sharp decline in business.

Though we are not security experts, we are sharing some mandatory tips that will not leave you vulnerable to the malicious attacks and gain the limelight you deserve at the end of your successful web conference.

Build Protected URL Link:
When you decided to go for a live streaming software, better to create a secured HTTP link. While generating the link, you have two options one to openly give access to anyone with the link or need login to watch the webinar. We suggest going with the login option since it safeguards the information and avoids mishaps, leaving no room for digital attacks.

Promote this legitimate link across various platforms to gain an audience and intimate your registrants that preassigned password is must to log in to Live broadcast.

Adopt for SSL Payment Security to Protect Users and Your Interests:
While Hosting a paid live webinar better to think about a safe medium for the legitimate transactions of money. So far SSL Certified Payment System is considered to be safe in the evolving market and even from the perspective of users.

SSL is an algorithm that keeps the transactions ensured by masking the data from malicious attacks happening between the user’s browser app and your own server.

Choose a Reliable Internet Connection:
Infiltrating wifi unprotected by a WPA 2 functionality is a few seconds work for hackers. In real terms, no one is exempted from being Hack-proof except that you can cease being quite vulnerable to anonymous attacks during the live telecast by no opting for a liberal wireless router and few others below mentioned precautions.

* Make sure to upgrade the firmware of your wireless router to WPA 2.
*Network title should never be the default router name, use an arduous SSID name with strong password irrelevant to the personal details.
* Activate device Firewall and Stealth form to turn invisible to others.
* Subscribe for Personal VPN Services to maintain anonymity from hackers.
* Disable wireless feature and use an ethernet cable to receive access to the internet.

Activate Password Security:
You can go for public live broadcast or a private one needing to sign-in to be a part of the webinar presentation by utilizing a webcasting software for events. To uncomplicate things during in-organization meetups, you can the most prominent single sign-on ID integration to safeguard your privacy and information.

Once registrants register for the event through the registration page, a customized ID and password are forwarded to their email with the URL link for the upcoming conference. Even the URL link is made public, “Password Protect Login” allows only authorized users.

Give an Out-and-out Check Over Referrals:
Disabling admittance to unauthorized users even though they make use of the link. Considering it needs to apply through referral groups or your own website. Users from other streams can’t make use of these links avoiding the chances of video piracy and information loss.

Cracking those links is relatively not going to be an easy task for hackers, so to some extent, your web conference is safe and secured.

Guard to Curb Simultaneous Logins:
Multiple logins for the same account from the different viewers need to be confined and the number of logins per each email for webcast sessions in limited figures.

Allow access to Legitimate Users:
Place geographical restrictions on a certain range of suspicious IP addresses in various locations around the world. Add tweaks on presentation page to know viewers IP address, prime location and email ID to cross check if the viewer is authorized or not.

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