More Webinars, More Revenue

More Webinars, More Revenue

More Webinars, More Revenue

Webinars are an effective way to raise revenues because they allow you to broadcast to several people, allowing you to interact, educate, and close deals in a personal way.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy!

It’s vital to have a strategy to have a successful webinar. Here are some steps to assure a successful webinar!

Annnnnd ACTION!

Think of an actionable topic for the webinar. Try asking your audience what THEY would like to see. Reach out to your customers by sending out a survey to gather feedback.

Get By With A Little Help of a Friend

Get a seasoned expert to sway your audience in favor of your business and close any deals with prospective customers. A live, in-lab study conducted by Nielsen found that 67 percent of buyers were more likely to consider buying a specific product if it was endorsed by an unbiased expert.

Devil’s in the Details

Plan your marketing copy. Make sure the title of your webinar clearly explains what attendees are going to get. Make it as actionable as possible. Create a short description, highlighting a few points that are going to be covered in the webinar. And introduce your guest as one of the finest in the industry.

Assure Smooth Sailing

Use the right platform that is right for you that doesn’t cause trouble or technical problems. You want to make sure your customers or potential customers don’t get turned off before the event even gets started. Run test events to assure attendees will have no technical issues.

Develop a Webinar Signup and Registration Page

Embed your webinar signup form on your website’s domain to customize it. Make sure it’s simple by including the date, time, and timezone to avoid confusion. Tell your customers to come with questions for a Q&A session, which you will be addressed at the end of the event. Use analytics to track signup fields. After attendees register, send out a confirmation email confirming the date, time, and the link to attend.Then follow up with reminders.

Get Em’ Fired Up!

Generate interest in your event via email. Customize your emails by creating a short and interesting subject line that explains the subject of the webinar. Make sure the body of the email is concise and informative. Finally, list all the reasons why your webinar is worth attending. Remember, include the link to the event.

Hit the Target!

Send out invitations to the webinar on the right day. According to a report published by bizibl marketing, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – the middle of the week – is the ideal time to send out webinar invites. Try to avoid sending out on Fridays since many people are wrapping up for the week. Definitely avoid sending out anything on the weekend since people are less likely to check their inbox and respond.

With actionable webinars that address your customers’ or potential customers’ needs, you will be more likely to successfully convert potential customers and increase revenue.

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