New App: BHO Add-On for Google Docs

New App: BHO Add-On for Google Docs

New App: BHO Add-On for Google Docs

Take your Google Docs directly into a Business Hangouts and collaborate with others in real time with Audio and Video.

With the FREE Business Hangouts add-on for Google Docs you can now take your Google Docs directly from Docs into a Business Hangouts, and automatically have it shared with your invited collaborators for real time collaboration with Audio and Video, in a multi-screen setup in BUSINESS HANGOUTS.

You’ll thus be able discuss the content of the document and review it with other collaborators as you SEE and HEAR each other.

Business Hangouts add-on for Google Docs takes collaboration to the next level.

Compared to the native collaboration features within Google Docs, this app adds Audio and Video for a more efficient real time collaboration.

Compared to Hangouts Google Drive app (an app which is inside Hangouts), this app enables taking the document from the source (i.e. Google Docs) into Business Hangouts, instead of going to Hangouts and starting the Drive app from Hangouts. Moreover, the multi-screen capabilities of BHO allow working on the document while seeing relatively large pictures of other collaborators, instead of just thumbnails in the filmstrip.

Generally speaking, Business Hangouts™, enables producing engaging business/corporate/educational Webinars and Virtual Events.

Developed by ALTADYN Corp. an independent company developing on Google’s platforms, BHO allows the use of Google Hangouts for presentations, webinars, webcasts, conferences, training, classrooms and other Virtual Events, and makes Hangouts more Enterprise-friendly and more business oriented.

If you are using Webex, GotoMeeting, Microsoft Lync, or similar tools for collaboration, you may consider using BUSINESS HANGOUTS to enjoy the power and performance of Google’s infrastructure and HD video streaming as well as Youtube recording and livestream infrastructure, while applying similar business processes.


Main features for existing Hangouts users are:

  • Extend private Meetings capacity from the standard 15 to unlimited, thanks to the “in-room” viewers.
  • A full featured registration module to manage attendees
  • An all-in-one Event/Planner/Notifications/Conferencing app
  • A comprehensive e-mailing system with fully custom automatic invitation emails, reminder emails and follow up emails
  • Let non-plussers attend your meetings thanks to the Facebook and LinkedIn connectors or a neutral sign in
  • Slide show allows side-by-side view of your video/webcam and your slides
  • “Give the mic” to a viewer on-the-fly and make them participant, the time of a question
  • Get fixed URLs for your permanent virtual meeting rooms
  • View a map with geolocated attendees
  • View your attendees as avatars in a 3D virtual conference room and create a sense of presence
  • Moderated chat for both participants and viewers
  • Drag and drop files into a Hangouts
  • Broadcast a question on the screen for a better focus
  • Show a video while in a BHOA
  • Share a quizz or a poll (or any interactive content) with the audience on the multi-window configuration
  • Hand-raise, chat history export, control features, and a lot more…

To use this new Add-On for Google Docs, you can either open your Doc in Google Docs and search for Business Hangouts under the “Add-ons” menu, or install it from the Google Docs Add-ons store here.

To learn more about this feature and other Business Hangouts feature,

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