New Release Allows Large Webcasts, No Logo Watermarked, and a lot more!

New Release Allows Large Webcasts, No Logo Watermarked, and a lot more!

Allows Large Webcasts, No Logo Watermarked, and a lot more!

A New Release You’ll Love To Use Since You Asked For It

October 16, 2014

At Business Hangouts we take pride in having a total customer-driven approach in our developments. Almost all new features are originated by customer’s explicit requests or implicit demands based on the challenges they have. Business Hangouts version 1410.1 released today is one of those releases almost exclusively based in explicit requests.

Here’s the list of add-ons and changes and how they work:

WEBCAST with Several Thousands of Attendees

A new plan is introduced; “Webcast” scales your BHOAs up to thousands of attendees, like a very large YouTube live stream, with a reduced chat and no list of viewers (when thousands of viewers, the real-time list becomes useless) but with all the other BHO benefits, including the powerful planner, managing your attendees lists, custom registration pages, custom confirmation and reminder emails, lists ownership and access to emails, customized autoresponders, allowing sign in from other social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook,…), attendees stats and export, embedding on your site or on Facebook, etc. This plan is designed for those premium users under “BUSINESS” with unlimited number of registrants, who notice the rise of the number of registrants in an upcoming event, weeks, days or even hours before an event, and want to scale immediately their capacity just for a short period of time (one month subscription is a minimum). More on this in a separate blog post to come, but the feature is already up and working.

Ciao to the BHO logo watermark.


With a heavy heart and a lot of emotions, (feeling undesired and lacking love) the beautiful BHO logo, which used to be watermarked on the upper right corner of the live stream, pronounced his farewell address to all premium users under the Business Plan . It will still continue to shine on the streams for all free and PRO plans though 🙂

Appointing Moderators becomes more rational.

Before this release, you had to type in the moderator’s email, and then once they joined, you had to elevate them to be a participant. The 2 operations are now merged in one. When your potential moderator registers, you can simply elevate them to be moderator, which is a more priviledged status than a participant. They will thus become a participant AND a moderator in one click. That is now done under the MANAGE tab.

If moderators are defined in your room template, then as soon as they register, they become moderators with no additional action from your side.

Exclude, Eject or Ban an attendee.

Under that same MANAGE tab, you can also exclude a registrant prior to the event. That cancels their invitations link which won’t work anymore.
You can also ban them from all your BHOs/BHOAs.
If by mistake, you can access your black list and remove them from the list of banned profiles.
These features are also available during the live event: Eject or Eject and Ban.

The Viewers Background Goes White

White is more popular and makes a better embed design inside most websites or Facebook pages. When you create a NEW ROOM, by default all the BHOs scheduled in that room will have a white background. We did not switch existing BHOAs to white since you may have designed custom banners and graphics which won’t match, but if you want to switch existing or past BHOAs to white background, you can login to that BHOA as a host and change it from the GLOBAL SETTING gear. If you want your future BHOAs to have a white background, before scheduling them, go to the room you’d use and under room properties switch the background from dark to white. Then all new BHOAs scheduled in that room will have a white background.

Recurring Events

The “register once for all” option is removed from the recurring events. Instead, when using the recurring registration link, the attendee has the option to select all the occurrences and register to all the events with one click. This way the multiple events stay independent, have their individual meeting links, for easy management by the host. The attendee will receive multiple confirmation emails, with each one including the unique URL for that specific event. We continue to recommend small series of recurrences for an easier management, given the fact that you can always add additional occurrences when you reach the end of a series.

And more:

  • The “Slide Show” feature is now also available to any participant, even those without a BHO account.
  • The chat messages from different days are separated by colored lines for a better viewing in post event.
  • More bugs fixed and a few new ones introduced that we are sure you’ll find and report (ehhh!, don’t you want new features? 🙂 )

Have fun with the new release and as always, your feedback is so welcome that we may even include your suggestions in the next release.

Enjoy the experience !