New Release: Business Hangouts Events, Enable Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

New Release: Business Hangouts Events, Enable Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

Business Hangouts Events, Enable Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.


New Release: Business Hangouts Events, Enable Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

A new version of Business Hangouts is live now , version 1402.1, which introduces a new concept of social online events, as well as many other new features.

What is BHO Events?

A multi-social-network EVENT platform with a unique and permanent URL, where the “virtual doors” can be opened well before the event and can be left open, after the event, for ever. For those who are familiar with Google+ Events with a scheduled HOA, this new capability extends G+Events to a network-agnostic page, accessible to Facebookers, LinkedIners and any one with an e-mail address, while keeping all the powerful BHOA features such as the unified chat, the shared content, the scheduler, the ownership of the attendees list and the all-in-one aggregating/federating approach. Attendees who are not necessarily plussers can start engaging during the pre-event, watch trailer videos,  transition seamlessly into the live event, and then watch the recording if they reach this same URL after the Event (not just the recording but also the chat). The whole experience can be run on your own website, as the whole BHOA experience can be embedded into your website. Don’t choose between Facebook Events or Facebook pages AND Google+ Events. Run YOUR event, stay above the G+/FB debate, and bring those social audiences into YOUR estate. BHO EVENTS can be used for Education, Entertainment, Politics and Business.

Check this quick BHO EVENTS presentation slide deck


This 7 min video starts by describing the BHO Events concept and ends with a short tutorial on how to set it up:

[youtube id=”ifPHK713Di4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

New Registration Page:

Full custom HTML capabilities together with a nice large horizontal banner and social sharing buttons now let you attract your audience to your event easier and better than before. No more need to use other tools to “sell” your event or to provide more information about the content of your event.



More New Features in detail:

  1. The registration page now includes a new resizable horizontal banner ( recommended 850 x 210), and more importantly, a custom HTML content thanks to a new integrated HTML editor. This means that you can now build your own registration page as you wish. If you don’t want to bother with building a custom page, you can embed a YouTube video code there and just have the banner AND the trailer video. If the HTML content is empty, you’ll have just the banner, and social media sign-ins show right below the banner. Custom HTML content and the banner are input from the scheduling wizard:Customization / Registration page.
  2. At the end of the registration process, optional social media share buttons are offered. The message regarding the automatic invitation is now intelligent, adapted to the setup. Also, if automatic invitation is on, not only an invitation email is sent out as in the past, but also after having proposed the social sharings (above), with a skip option, they are offered to Join the pre-event immediately and start engaging.
  3. Now, the virtual rooms are only used for a permanent URL use. For all scheduled BHOs, the system will automatically setup your BHO in a dedicated room. This solves the issue some hosts had when they stayed in their room right before a BHOA and were not expecting the guests coming in.
  4. The [Preview] buttons in Wizard:Customization/Registration and Login pages are now at the bottom and preview the full page, not just the iframe.
  5. New countdown on upper left quadrant, with meeting subject and time
  6. The same resizable banner selected for the registration page, stands above the icons stripe, in the event page. We keep the logic that if no login or upper right is input then the banner will prevail for those as well.
  7. More security preventing a user from sharing their viewer’s link.
  8. Initial shared content: Through a field in the scheduling wizard, section:customization / Upper right quadrant, you can now preset the shared content. No need to start the BHOA and be present to share that content.
  9. Two new “dual screens” mode are added with the live feed on the left and the upper right quadrant on the right, with no map nor 3D
  10. “More” link at the top of the chat to display 200 more messages each time. There is no limit to the count of messages which can be displayed
  11. Export chat background color is now the same background color as in the chat
  12. You can customize all your email templates in a much easier way thanks to the integrated HTML editor both for template creation and when changing an in-use template on-the-fly. Moreover, when you modify a template for a given event, you can save it as a permanent template for future use within your account.
  13. Past EVENTS can now be modified (except for the date, time and title); you can decide to open or close the “virtual doors” later or use the meeting link as a direct link to view the replay.
  14. When entering a BHO/HVC or BHOA, a short loading sign clearly identifies the loading process before making the user interface avail
  15. The BHOA viewers player now includes a title bar  with access to the meeting’s title, details (same content as the registration page), and date
  16. BHO EVENTS are optional. Existing users who want to keep the doors closed until the BHOA starts (30 min before) need no specific action: Just leave the pre-event time at the default value of 30 minutes. Notice that the post event is now be default switches to the replay , and leave the post event. A new “Show More Options” link on the “Date & Time” tab allows to setup the pre-event and post-event durations.