New Webinar On “How To Market a Webinar”

New Webinar On “How To Market a Webinar”

New Webinar On “How To Market a Webinar”

A Webinar On “How To Market a Webinar”

Edited to include the replay.

[youtube id=”MWc_h0Dx_8w” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you are an Online Marketer or a Virtual Event Planner, you are constantly challenged with these issues:

  • How to increase interest in your Webinar?
  • How to increase registrants to your event?
  • How to make sure that those registrants will effectively show up?
  • How to run the Event and to manage the post event?

Lise Halskov, Principal at Project Management, who has already shared some of her experience with our community in the past, comes back with a focus on the above subject, sharing her very recent successful experience including a 70% registrant-to-attendee conversion rate, and more.

Her presentation was be followed by a Business Hangouts presentation by Darius Lahoutifard. Here’s the comments/questions export from the chat.

Meilani MacDonald 
08:42 Good
08:42 brb,
coffee run 🙂  
Rob Möhlmann 
08:43 Morning
to you, evening to me 🙂  
Lise Halskov 
08:43 Evening
here as well – but hello anyway!  
08:43 Hello
Meilani MacDonald 
08:49 ok then
good evening to you 🙂  
08:50 starting
in 10 min  
08:50 thanks
for your patience  
Meilani MacDonald 
08:53 oh I’m
enjoying the opportunity to have a little breakfast, lol.
Just came out of a presentation for which I joined the panel
via Hangout. Saved me a nice drive woohoo  
08:54 where
are you all joining in from? Palm Springs, CA here  
Marissa Stone 
08:55 Hi
everyone! 🙂 Dallas TX here, I really do not like how to
chat pod wraps the text lol  
08:55 starting
in 5 min  
Reidar Zapf-Gilje 
08:58 Vancouver
Meilani MacDonald 
08:58 brrrrr…  
Stefan Gilgen 
08:58 Switzerland
is online  
Guillaume Lurenbaum 
08:59 Hi
Meilani MacDonald 
08:59 for
desert folk, anything under 70F is cold lol  
ted sarantos 
08:59 twenty
degrees below wind chill factor  
Nancy Seibel 
09:01 25
degrees here, feels like 13 and will continue dropping  
Gail Palubiak 
09:02 Can I
have a recorded webinar with Business Hangouts?  
Guillaume Lurenbaum 
09:02 +Gail.
Yes, absolutely. You can record a Business Hangouts to your
YouTube channel.  
Gail Palubiak 
09:03 Then
that’s not helpful.  
09:04 I
wanted to offer pre-recorded webinars and use BH for
09:04 You can
do that too Gail  
Stefan Gilgen 
09:05 @Gail
sure u can have a recorded webinar. Just connect a VCR
instead of a camera.  
Dick Dillon 
09:05 St.
Louis MO  
Gail Palubiak 
09:07 I’m not
fond of the “VCR” concept. Is that the only way to do
Al Navas 
09:07 Get one
of the Paid programs – they do allow recording!  
09:07 no you
can use the “Shared content” feature Gail.  
09:08 will
explain in the Q & A at the end  
Gail Palubiak 
09:08 perfect.
Al Navas 
09:08 Sorry
— I meant to say ” paid plans” from Business
Ken Ivey 
09:10 I’m
going to have to leave early for a prior commitment – will
you share a replay link or can I just snag it from
09:12 yes
Ken, ths will be on the BHO channel on YT  
Dick Dillon 
09:12 audio
09:12 nope
Dick we are good  
Gail Palubiak 
Cosimo Panetta 
09:17 thank
you, I need to leave now for a prior commitment, very
Stefan Gilgen 
09:22 great,
compact information! Fast, on the point. Perfect.   
09:27 paste
it here  
Griff Wigley 
/a> Me 
09:28 Thanks
Griff. That’s it  
Griff Wigley 
09:28 NP!  
Meilani MacDonald 
09:29 I
highly recommend checking out Toastmasters meetings too. It
will get you out of the habit of “Uhm”  
09:31 The
presentation skills exercises have helped tremendously.
09:34 repurposing,
Stefan Gilgen 
09:37 Thanks
for sharing your experiences.  
Meilani MacDonald 
09:38 thank
you so much for the great presentation!  
Nancy Seibel 
09:38 You
offered great ideas on how to create a welcoming
environment. Thanks for sharing them and the marketing
Silverio Carugo 
09:38 Thank
you, Lise!  
Meilani MacDonald 
09:39 we see
it now, great  
Silverio Carugo 
09:40 Where
are you speaking from ?  
Nick West 
09:40 Thanks
Lise, really good content. In particular Facebook power
editor. I agree on LeadPages – really useful and easy to
Lise Halskov 
09:40 Thank
you guys. Also, feel free to look me up on Google+ if you
have any questions later on  
Stefan Gilgen 
09:40 Lise,
you talked about editing the video outside of youtube. Are u
able to bring in the edited video on the same link in
youtube again?  
Gail Palubiak 
09:41 I agree
with Nancy. Terrific ideas for offering a welcoming
Lise Halskov 
09:41 I don’t
think you can bring it in with the same link  
Stefan Gilgen 
09:42 i don’t
think so either.  
Michael Daniels 
09:42 @Stefan
no you cannot bring in the same link  
Lise Halskov 
09:42 Thanks,
Gail. I think it is the key to make people stick around.
There are so many pre-recorded webinars these days, so
people like that it’s really live  
Meilani MacDonald 
09:45 Thanks
for the great webinar, have a great day everyone! Bye
Lise Halskov 
09:46 Bye,
Al Navas 
09:46 @BusinessHangouts:
For some reason I *still* have the impression the system is
till in Beta. Do I have the wrong impression?  
B.L. Ochman 
09:49 @Stefan
Gilgen you can edit the video and have the same link if you
use YouTube’s rudimentary editing tools.  
09:49 Thank
you–great ideas and info here!  
Stefan Gilgen 
09:50 I know
– thanks. Therefore i was wondering if it works with
Gail Palubiak 
09:50 Dumb
question: What is the purpose of using “@” in front of
someone’s name in the chat?  
B.L. Ochman 
09:50 @StefanGilgen
– nope. it won’t work with re-uploading, but you can put the
new link in any place the video will appear so it’s not a
big problem  
Nancy Seibel 
09:51 Is BH a
platform on which you could do a completely interactive
Hangout – no webinar – just discussion?  
Lise Halskov 
09:51 Yes,
Nancy – I use it for business meetings  
Guillaume Lurenbaum 
09:51 +Gail,
using + or @ in the chat is just to mention somebody’s
Stefan Gilgen 
09:52 Great
picture as an example 😉  
Gail Palubiak 
09:52 yes,
thank you  
Pedram Mizani 
09:53 So just
like Google Hangouts, we can record a session in Business
Hangouts, then post it onto YouTube?  
09:53 i.e.
YouTube Live?  
Marissa Stone 
09:53 @Gail
when you have a large audience using the ‘@’ symbol helps
people to keep up with who is answering and who is being
referenced in comments. 🙂  
Michael Daniels 
09:54 @Pedram
yes, It is recorded to Youtube  
Guillaume Lurenbaum 
09:54 +Pedram.
Yes you can record a Business Hangouts onto your
B.L. Ochman 
09:54 @Michael
Daniels – the BH is recorded automatically to YouTube like
an HOA? Or you upload it later as MP4?  
Gail Palubiak 
09:54 Thank
you @Marissa and @Guilluame  
Pedram Mizani 
09:54 @michael
– yes i see the live version now! very cool  
09:55 is
there a salesforce plugin?  
Al Navas 
09:55 @BH:
Will sharing a video in top-right screen still alert the
YouTube Video and/or music Police?  
Michael Daniels 
09:56 @ B.L.
Yes, It is automatically recorded to Youtube  
Stefan Gilgen 
09:56 Can I
design a room in 3D? What format do i need?  
Pedram Mizani 
09:56 also
@michael, what is the difference between private recording
and youtube live broadcast? and is there a salesforce app
for this?  
Gail Palubiak 
09:56 The
link doesn’t work.  
09:56 It just
pauses the presentation  
Nancy Seibel 
09:57 Lise-
Pedram Mizani 
09:57 @darius,
what is the difference between private recording and youtube
live broadcast? and is there a salesforce app for
Gail Palubiak 
09:58 Would
you show how links work please?   
Nancy Seibel 
09:58 Regular
Google Hangouts can be technologically challenging with
transmission interruptions, getting bounced out, etc. Is BH
more stable?  
Michael Daniels 
09:59 @Nancy
no it would be the same. Since BHOA’s use HOA’s  
Al Navas 
10:00 Thank
you, @BH!  
Nancy Seibel 
10:00 @MIchael,
Stefan Gilgen 
10:00 ok, got
Gail Palubiak 
10:02 The
10:02 Where’s
the music coming from?  
Michael Daniels 
10:02 From
the video itself  
B.L. Ochman 
10:03 video
isn’t showing  
Marissa Stone 
10:03 lol  
B.L. Ochman 
10:03 didn’t
have any of it. video didn’t play 🙂  
Dick Dillon 
10:03 Thanks
Darius and all participants! I must go to my next
Gail Palubiak 
10:04 it
didn’t.. would you please show the links?  
Al Navas 
10:04 @Lise –
excellent suggestion!  
Pedram Mizani 
10:04 how do
you get our comments to display on your screen?  
B.L. Ochman 
10:04 video
was NOT running  
Gail Palubiak 
10:04 No…..why
did that music show up  
10:05 Never
mind. Thank for your time?  
B.L. Ochman 
10:05 now
it’s playing  
Nancy Seibel 
10:05 Thanks!  
Al Navas 
10:05 Interesting
– video DID show up here, and it is showing again now.  
Marissa Stone 
10:05 Now I
see the video again  
B.L. Ochman 
10:05 yes  
Gail Palubiak 
10:06 Yes  
Al Navas 
10:06 What/Who
switches the video full-srceen and back? I might have missed
the clue.  
Marissa Stone 
10:06 yes it
is working now  
Gail Palubiak 
10:06 Just
one simple question….would you please show us how a link
(call to action) works.   
Al Navas 
10:07 Is
Guillaume typing the comments and putting them
Pedram Mizani 
10:07 is the
altadyn video supposed to stay up on the main screen?  
Gail Palubiak 
10:08 Maybe
it’s just me, but the little video screen is still showing
and is covering the full screen.  
B.L. Ochman 
10:09 i’m
still seeing the video on top of the questions. that
quadrant didn’t closeit is still showing on mine too  
10:09 are you
using comment tracker?  
Al Navas 
10:09 Is it
possible to insert a Live Event on the top-right corner,
where a regular YouTube video appears?  
B.L. Ochman 
10:10 it was
super-imposed on the screen while you were talking and while
questions were there  
Michael Daniels 
10:10 No BL
no need for comment tracker, everything is here  
Pedram Mizani 
10:10 yes  
B.L. Ochman 
10:10 @MichaelDaniels
– then why would you be re-typing questions?  
Pedram Mizani 
10:12 so
where can we export the participant data, including chats,
who participated, etc? is it only in business
Al Navas 
10:14 @Darius
– Excellent! Thank you!  
Hardik Panchal 
10:15 Thanks
Darius, Lise, Michael……………  
10:15 thnaks
Al for coming  
B.L. Ochman 
10:15 thanks
for this! great info  
10:15 Thanks
10:15 Thanks
10:15 see you
Al Navas 
10:15 My
pleasure! Will follow up, as we something new coming!  
B.L. Ochman 
10:15 will
this video be available to watch again?  
Pedram Mizani 
10:15 yes…
thank you very much. strong work.  
10:16 Video
is on BHO channel  
Stefan Gilgen 
10:17 @Business
Hangouts Good job. Maybe u could use more links in the chat,
instead of making us google….   
10:17 Uuups,
there it is! Sorry