Post Webinar Strategies

Post Webinar Strategies

Points to remember after a Webinar - Business Hangouts

When the webinar ends, the real marketing begins.  Webinars provide invaluable information about your individual attendees. Take the time to put together a strategy to maximize sales with post-webinar communication.

The First 24 Hours

Your webinar is over and your attendees have logged off.  While the live event has finished, you need to keep the momentum going with your prospects.

The first 24 to 48 hours after a webinar is a crucial time as you begin to nurture your attendees and move them down the sales funnel. It’s your chance to continue the dialogue with your audience, including reaching out to the no-shows. Not all registrants attend live webinars. According to a ClickZ survey, only 16 percent of respondents said they prefer to watch webinars live, with 84 percent opting for webinar replays.

How to maximize your lead generation immediately following a webinar

  1. Archive it: Save a copy of your webinar and email a link to all registrants
  2. Send a Thank You Email: Follow up with attendees to thank them for taking the time to attend.  Email the no-shows encouraging them to watch it at their convenience and create urgency by telling them it will expire.
  3. Gather Feedback: Send a post-webinar survey to review the performance of your webinar and reveal customer pain points.

Create a Webinar Replay Page

Given that more than half of registrants prefer to view the webinar at a later time, you need to make your replay page a priority.

Here’s what to include:

  • Intro – Set out the key topics and revelations from the webinar
  • Video Embed – An embedded video of your webinar that plays in place.
  • Call to Action – Direct your leads to a sales page or the next step in the customer cycle
  • Additional Links – Supporting blog articles, ebook and presentation slides
  • Social Media – Give leads the opportunity to ask questions and share opinions

It’s important to include an incentive to register on your replay page. Offer exclusive content (a white paper or presentation template, for example) to only those who register in a specified time. If your leads know that the content is only available for a short time, they’ll be more likely to take action sooner.

Convert Your Webinar into a Content Marketing Plan

  • Create a SlideShare: Share webinar slides to connect with new audiences.
  • Social Media: Share infographics that will capture attention on social media.
  • Blog Posts: Use Q&A sessions for blog content that’s directly relevant to your market.
  • Podcast:  Webinars can lead into Podcasts.  Guest experts can be used to continue the conversation with the webinar host.
  • Bite Sized Videos: Divide your video into smaller segments which are easier to share and will help drive more traffic to your registration page.
  • Create an eBook: Convert your webinar transcript into a downloadable ebook.

“The six to eight touches it takes to qualify a lead are crucial components of the lead nurturing process, allowing marketing the opportunity to educate and inform prospects as they move through each stage in the buying journey.”  

– Fergal Glynn is Docurated’s VP of Marketing

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