Press Release: Altadyn® Introduces Business Hangouts ™ Events, Enabling Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

Press Release: Altadyn® Introduces Business Hangouts ™ Events, Enabling Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

Business Hangouts Events, Enable Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

Altadyn® Introduces Business Hangouts ™ Events, Enabling Live Cross-Social-Network Engaging Virtual Events for Businesses.

Business Hangouts ™ Events introduced by Altadyn® allows live streamed events to transform seamlessly from pre-event engagement into persistent post-event content through live virtual environments, while aggregating audience from multiple social networks.

March 5th, 2014 – San Francisco & Irvine, California.

Altadyn®, the technology leader in visual collaboration platforms, today announced BHO Events as part of a new release for Business Hangouts ™, its webcasting and video conferencing SaaS platform built upon Google’s Hangouts. The new patent pending technology is represented as a multi-social-network virtual event platform with live streaming, where the “virtual doors” can be opened well before the event and can be left open, after the event, for a limited time or forever, through a single permanent URL.

Business Hangouts ™, or BHO, is the enterprise-friendly app for Hangouts, suitable for webcasts, conferences, webinars or other virtual business and corporate events. The platform is using Google’s Hangout audio/video capabilities and YouTube’s recording and broadcast power, while respecting business processes such as registration, control, validation and privacy.

The popularity of live streamed events has been increasing steadily over the years. However, until now, all such events were either focusing on the limited time of the event or restricted to a closed, proprietary environment or social network. Now, with the launch of BHO Events, business marketers, educators, entertainers or politicians can leverage the time and effort spent in preparing and delivering content for an event, up to a much broader outreach through both time and networks. Users are no longer required to choose between Facebook, Google+ or other media with their proprietary “Event” features, by running the events on their own website or on a neutral URL. Moreover, BHO Events drastically increases the engagement and the outreach by allowing the attendees to sign in from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. in the same event, chat with each other, comment, or participate in a Q&A session.

The introduction of BHO Events offers a wide spectrum of possibilities with several other new features including, but not limited to

  • Fully customizable Registration pages.
  • Trailer Videos both in the registration page and in the Event page.
  • Persistent cross-social-network chat
  • Integrated HTML editor for easy customization of emails and registration page.
  • Countdown to the event start-time.
  • Dual screen window allowing the live stream and the shared content side by side.
  • Social sharing buttons making the registration viral.

Recommending BHO Events, motivational speaker/trainer, and one of the co-founding members of the world’s #1 health and wellness platform Body By Vi Challenge Tony Lucero says, “My business success is based on the way I am able to “connect” with my audience all over the world.  With Business Hangouts, I am able to maximize my time and still let my followers feel a sense of personal connection. It’s a simple, flexible and downright “sexy” technology.”

COO of Vizzeco, a Global Google Apps implementer and reseller, Rod Schulhauser believes that the launch of BHO Events will have a serious impact on different social business platforms. “Vizzeco sees the new BHO features as opening up a whole new market for social business platforms. Collaboration, video conferencing and broadcasting are tightly integrated with social channels with the ability to manage, run and track your events – this is like nothing else out there!” he says.

Commenting on the motivations behind this innovation, Altadyn’s CEO Darius Lahoutifard said: “Marketers have a tendency to spend more time on social media producing live shows and online events inside a specific social network’s estate, such as Google+ or Facebook. By doing so, they rightly take advantage of that network’s traffic to the detriment of having full access to their attendees information, optimizing their own website’s SEO, building their own brand independently from that specific social network and more. BHO Events enables them to enjoy that social audience without compromising on the fundamental action of building and developing their own Digital Business Assets.”

Available through Google Apps Marketplace, Chrome webstore and the company’s own website, BHO is already being used by corporations’ employees and managers, universities and educators in general, as well as independent marketers, event planners and event producers.

Before the next online meeting or event, sign up for free at

About Altadyn® : With its patent pending technologies in Visual Collaboration and Virtual Events, Altadyn® is changing the way people meet, learn, teach, market, and collaborate through applications in webinars, web conferencing, virtual trade shows, virtual classrooms and more. The companies large pool of customers include NDU / FCVW (National Defense University), US-Air Force, Old Dominion University, Saint Joseph University, Aptima, and Dell Inc. Altadyn operates globally with offices in San Francisco, Irvine, California, and Paris, France. For more information, please visit

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