Start with a Business Hangouts and Engage with Your Attendees in a 3D Networking Lounge!

Start with a Business Hangouts and Engage with Your Attendees in a 3D Networking Lounge!

Engage Audience with best Webinar Platform - Business Hangouts -

Start with a Business Hangouts and Engage with Your Attendees in a 3D Networking Lounge!

What is great about Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing

… is that you reduce cost and save time, since you can deliver your message in a concise way, through video and/or slides. That’s how B2B webinars have become successful and growing as never before.

But there is something missing in these web meetings and webinars,

and that’s the human and social interactions. That’s exactly why real meetings have not disappeared. So how to bring more human touch and social interactions to video conferences? How to make them more engaging and more interactive so that we as attendees can have the same feelings and emotions as if we were there?

The quality of Google Hangouts Videos has already done a great job there, where we have some sort of “face-to-face” when we have small meeting. Although the video emphasizes the distance, because by definition we “know” we are from from each other, but still it is a great progress compared to older web conferencing solutions.

But how about a conference with 100 attendees or a 1000 or even more? How to replicate the same sense of presence.

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3D immersive technologies have brought a great but partial response to this issue,

… but these platforms by themselves, may sometimes be judged as “unnecessary” for watching slides. When we are concentrated in a content such as a speaker’s video talk or slides, we don’t necessarily need to interact with others at that same instant. As a matter of fact, in real life, we sit down in a conference room and watch the presentation quietly and don’t even pay attention to others. But once the presentation is over, we want to stand up, meet others and comment about it to our peers, analyze it and further debate the subject. We want to walk out into the lobby or a lounge, get a drink and discuss the subject. We want to know who else watched this and what are their thoughts. And we might actually want to make new connections and stay in touch with them. We call it Networking Event as sometimes we get together just for that . Most of the times we actually go to conferences as much to network and learn from peers as to learn from the speakers. In those networking events, we don’t need the big screen anymore. The format is different, we actually don’t even need general discussions that much, but we do need a private chat, exchanging vcards, checking each other social network profiles, etc.

Combining Video Conferencing and 3D Immersive is the solution.

This is were a 3D immersive Networking Lounge becomes helpful and efficient.


At Altadyn we are bringing the best of these both formats to Educators, Marketers, Entertainers and Event Planners:

  • Business Hangouts, based on Google’s Hangouts, the most scalable and accessible video platform, upgraded with our Business and Conferencing features.
  • 3D Virtual Events, our 3D immersive avatar-based platform for live realtime networking, (which is also used for virtual tradeshows and exhibit halls).

Want to learn more about this ? Watch the replay of this BHO Event :