Subscribe Now, Before New Pricing; Existing Clients Not Concerned.

Subscribe Now, Before New Pricing; Existing Clients Not Concerned.

Subscribe Now, Before New Pricing; Existing Clients Not Concerned.

We are excited to share some great news with you, allowing you to keep your costs low while adding new features:

New upcoming version, More Features for all Plans, even the free standard

One of the key benefits of Business Hangouts over the regular Google Hangouts on Air is the ability to run and record meetings easily and privately in a very secure manner. We just extended the Private Meeting and the Private Recording capabilities, which were only offered in the “Business Plan” to all plans, including the Free plan. We are also about to release a new version with a new modern design for your attendees, easier to use for the host. This post is not about the new release features, stay tuned for that matter.

New “Lite” plan

Having noticed that there are many Business Hangouts for webinars or virtual classrooms in the 10-30 attendees range, we created a Lite plan, at the low monthly subscription price of $19. This plan sits between the free Standard plan and the Pro plan.

Pro ,  Business & Webcast plans

“Pro” and “Business” plans have been enhanced, in particular with the upcoming major release. The pricing has been increased/adjusted accordingly for both of them, while staying very competitive. The “Webcast” plan will enjoy the upcoming new release, with no change in key features or pricing.

No price increase for existing subscribers

Existing subscribers to “Pro” & “Business” with the Paypal recurring payments, will not be concerned, as long as those subscriptions are kept as is. The plan
will be automatically upgraded with access to the new features, but the payment price won’t change.
Of course if they get cancelled, any new subscription will be
under the new pricing.

For more details, check the upcoming features & pricing schedule which will become in effect as of June 3rd 2015.



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If you need a new subscription, no matter if you are an existing client or totally new, you can subscribe now to any plan, before the price hike on June 3rd 2015, and enjoy the old pricing, and you’ll be able to keep your low price subscription, just as our existing clients, for ever; so hurry up, because on June 3rd, the features & pricing page will be updated and the old pricing will be gone. subscribe now!

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