Tips to Conduct the Best Video Conference Interview

Tips to Conduct the Best Video Conference Interview

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Hiring Managers need to travel in the interest of the firm to employ top tier candidates in the sub-offices. It doesn’t matter whether the interview is for a single position, it costs the company both boarding and travel expenses leaving you physically and mentally drained.

Save your time by settling on the video interview leaving no room for your contenders to hire that particular candidate. And these tips help you to conduct the video conference interviews at best, ensuring the onboarding of the top talent.

Suitable Interview Atmosphere:
Overcoming the distance companies are now opting for the video interviews to reduce time along with travel costs. So apart from adding a human touch try to be professional and set a proper interview atmosphere whether it is indoor/outdoors since showcasing the company culture. In the company select an isolated room with adequate light. If more than one is going to question the candidate the whole interview panel should be in sync while examining the candidate.

If you are in a fix to carry out the interviews in your personal domain make sure not to draw attention to unwanted noises or unethical behavior like leaving the candidate halfway in the interview to receive a delivery. Muddling them on the procedure and doubt you to be an amateur. Use a plain background to avoid distractions when the question and answer session starts. Follow a strict and comfortable dress code to intimidate a bit. Be your usual self while interviewing.

Prepare questions ahead:
Study the portfolio of aspirants, categorize the qualifications as additional and necessary ones for the job. Prepare the questions quite ahead based on the demand of the company. Forge complicated questions into images to avoid miscommunication with the candidate. Somethings can be overlooked by chatbots or software while prescreening, therefore try to delve on their subject knowledge and truly if they are accomplished in the additional criteria as well as they stated in the CV. Assuage their performance based on their ultimate answers. Explore their limits with the preplanned questions.

Being an expert in your HR team landed you in a position to deal with the video interviews. If you are a first timer to these kinds of interviews, you clearly need to prepare for everything in advance. Start with the Web conference software your organization subscribed for, get acquainted with its tools and features. Stay in touch with seniors to clarify your doubts and to call for a favor on the interview location in the conference room schedule is busy. The room should be bright and free from clutter, and remote enough to dodge office sounds.

Team with a colleague or intern to conduct mockup interviews, to familiarize yourself with the webinar software and surroundings to present a confident self while interviewing. Correct the faults in internet connection, video quality, audio quality and room lightening identified during the mockups. Angle the camera in the right position according to lighting and dress up in deep hues to look sophisticated as an interviewer.

Documents InHandy:
There are few differences between an offline interview and an online interview, one among them is documents. During an in-person interview, the candidate submits the certifications for his/her qualifications and you already hold their resume. But what about a video interview? E-copy of them is forwarded to the HR team by the candidate.

And in a lapse of the decision, you only made paper copies and your system lacks online copies. It will be quite an embarrassment to show them to screen or search among other copies to question their qualifications during an ongoing interview. Make a paper copy and electronic copy on the system desktop to share and pose questions for the applicant.

Be Inlive on precise Time:
In offline interviews, there is a chance of being late due to traffic jams, but the former reason won’t work in a web interview scenario. So be In-live on the scheduled date and time to examine the aspirants. Candidates get the wrong idea about the company if you delay the live session. If you are going to interview a candidate from a different time zone, to avoid mistakes mention precise time zone with time in the mail you are going to forward.

Gauge the Behaviour/Demeanour:
Examine their facial expressions and hand gestures while answering your questions. How eager are they while presenting themselves shows their area of expertise and how depth it is? Normalcy in eye contact symbolizes their air of confidence. The body language and fluency while communication helps to analyze their competence for the job.

We are humans, so there is still the probability of dropping details and errors in making choices. To parse preconceived decisions better to auto-record and re-evaluate the interview. The software you choose needs to accommodate this important feature coupled with a cloud storage facility.

Break time to restore your energy amid Video Interviews:
As per your higher-up’s request, you need to handle 10 interviews in a day. How are you going to schedule it? First, consider the time zones and conclude on the timings, make sure to take a break of 30 to 60 minutes in between these interviews. In the break recoup your energy and the information on the following candidate and check over the links to establish. Ease up a bit, then take help to revise the interview scoring and traits of the previously interviewed candidates.

Control In your Hands:
Be a bit casual to make the applicant comfortable, but stay on track by topic-related questions. Veer and hold the conversation on the subject in case of diversion. In the end, be the one to control the conversation to stay coordinated and productive.

The final tip is to do a follow-up and always inform the aspirant on the interview result via email or message.

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