Webinar Strategies for the New Year

Webinar Strategies for the New Year

Six unique strategies to generate customers and grow your audience with webinars in 2017.

#1: Pre-Webinar Survey – Get to Know Your Attendees

Think of a webinar as a destination for someone who is already interested in your company, product or service. No one will sign up for your webinar by accident – each and every single person who attends has either familiarized themselves with your company, your product, your service, or they are aware of the given problem you are trying to solve by hosting the webinar.

This means that you can capitalize on their built-in interest and convert them into customers.  Send pre-webinar surveys to your customers using a free tool like Google Forms before your webinar so you can target the material for your audience.

#2: Capture Demographic Data

When people sign up for your webinar, not only are they already interested in what you have to offer, but they are handing over their contact information. This admission of information opens them up to the potential for giving you even more information about themselves – which you can use to give yourself a better lens and insight as to who your target audience truly is. Reward your attendees for giving you information – this will further establish credibility in your relationship with your audience, and it will position them to be better customers.

#3: Free = Sign me up

Posting free webinars will bring customers to you without requiring anything of you. A free webinar empowers your audience and potential customers to engage with you without feeling like there is any inherent risk and the interaction. Build upon this by promoting that your webinar is free.

#4: Expand Reach with B2B Relationships

Why do podcasters constantly invite other podcasters for a podcast?  Because two Audiences are bigger than one.  Partner with another company for your webinar, by sharing content, offers, speakers or something else that creates value for your customers. Your partner will promote the event as well, and you will reap double the exposure. Attendees brought in by your partner may also be less informed regarding your product or service, and their questions will be akin to fast tracked word of mouth.


#5: Expand Internationally

By hosting a webinar, you have the potential to springboard audiences and other countries all over the world. Similarly, if you already have a global audience, a webinar is a fantastic way to disseminate information to all your customers, and anyone within your audience without having to create localized websites.  Market your webinar to folks who you may have not considered before.

#6: Don’t Miss Out – Limited Space – Act Fast

The beauty of a webinar is that it has a very specific time when it starts – and if people are not there to attend, they are going to miss the entire production. In real life, when you have to gather employees and customers together for events, after work functions, for specialty meetings, getting dozens of people to trudge to one location for a specific start time is next to impossible.

Better yet, you can define a maximum number of spots available for your webinar. This will create a sense of urgency for your attendees to sign up.

Webinar Performance Facts:

  • Webinar attendance rate can be as high as 25% of the total amount of people who sign up
  • Sales conversions can be as high as 15%
  • Conversion from visit to event registration can be as high as 40%

Remember, Webinar marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools.  Use these tips to take your Webinars to the next level in 2017!

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