Webinars Replace In-person Classrooms

Webinars Replace In-person Classrooms

Webinars Replace In-person Classrooms

BUSINESS HANGOUTS Webinars Replace In-person Classrooms

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of having Stephan Hovnanian talking about Business Hangouts and his own experience. A recording of that talk is available here.

But there is more into his webinar experience;

In fact the event was initially a workshop about Google+ in a physical class,  planned in Lexington, MA, and organized by the Minuteman Community Education. But it was facing cancellation due to low enrollment : Only 2 persons had registered. Stephan Hovnanian wisely suggested to convert the class to a webinar. In just a few days, the attendance was multiplied by 5, more than any previous in-person workshop.

By using the webinar approach with Business Hangouts™, Stephan not only saved the event, but also made it more successful and more meaningful. The outreach was drastically increased, the carbon foot print was reduced and attendees saved time and money.

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Contact Stephan Hovnanian’s ; Website Strategist and Social Media Expert . or through http://www.shoviwebsites.com/

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