Youtube Setup Instructions

YouTube requires Monetization to be enabled, as well as a linked AdSense account for you to embed your live stream videos (a requirement for proper functioning of Business Hangouts).

Step One: Login to YouTube

Login to the YouTube account that you use for Business Hangouts.  Then visit  and enable Monetization, Live Streaming, and Embed Live Streams. See image below.



Step Two: Connect AdSense

Once you’ve enabled Monetization, Live Streaming, and Embed Live Streams (and agreed to YouTube terms of service), then click on the “Activate AdSense account” link under Paid Content and you’ll see that you can connect an existing AdSense account or apply for a new one.

After you’ve applied for an AdSense account, you’ll get a response that accounts are under review and will take up to a week for approval.  However, Google Help informed us that “applications for AdSense from YouTube are usually reviewed within 48 hours”.  

NOTE:  Your account may list paid content as “ineligible”.  You may be ineligible for paid content because your YouTube account has less than 1,000 subscribers.  However, this will not prevent you from linking an AdSense account and subsequently embedding videos.  For more information on this visit:

Step 3:  Configure Monetization

Visit and click the checkbox shown below to allow advertisements to be displayed with your videos.


Step 4:  Test Your Webinar

Once your AdSense and Monetizations are set up – make sure to run a test webinar.  Once you confirm the video is functioning by logging in as an attendee, you can turn off video monetizations.

Step 5: (Optional) Turn Off Monetization

To turn off ads on a specific video, go to the video page.  Click the pencil icon to edit the video settings



Click on the Monetization tab under the video, and turn off the toggle switch.  (In this image, monetization is still on)


To turn off ads on your channel after embed is enabled, visit



Under Monetization, click the link to View Monetization Settings.

In your monetization settings, click on the button to disable monetization.  (Embed status should continue to work, even if monetization has been turned off in your account)

Recommendation: if you choose this option, to turn off monetization, and you also run a test webinar – if you see the correct video as an attendee on the test webinar, you’re good to go.  If not, re-enable monetization and test again.

How to launch your webinar using YouTube live

#1:  Once inside YouTube > provide the title and description of your event

#2:  Choose if you want to make your event private or public. Important: to make your event private, choose the “unlisted” option, not the “private” option.

#3:  Choose “Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air)”.

#4:  Click on the “Go live now” blue button to start your event.




How to Contact YouTube Support

If you perform all of the above steps and are getting a video embed error, then please contact YouTube’s support directly at

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you continue to have issues after following all steps above.