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Why Smart Organizations Choose Business Hangouts
For Meetings, Webinars & Conferences
Easily Customize Event Branding

In order to attract the right audience, it’s critical to create an engaging user experience that matches the brand of your organization. Business Hangouts gives you the tools to easily customize your events to match your company branding/identity.

Run Moderated Chat

When you are running an event, sometimes it’s necessary to manage and moderate the attendee’s chat messages. Business Hangouts gives you the ability to easily manage your incoming chat messages to make sure that only the highest quality messages are visible.

Host Free Or Paid Events

Whether you want to host an event for free or charge for an event, Business Hangouts gives you the tools to charge for attendance, and make a profit off of your content.

Setup Pre-Built Event Email Sequences

Creating an engaging pre-event experience requires great email sequences. Business Hangouts gives you the ability to create engaging email sequences from a library of pre-built emails..

Instantly Stream To Facebook & YouTube

In order to reach a larger audience, Business Hangouts gives you the ability to instantly stream to Facebook and YouTube.

Embed Event Registration On Any Page

If you’ve already created a landing page or a registration page outside of the webinar system, Business Hangouts gives you the ability to embed a registration widget in any external page.

BusinessHangouts brings Webinars and Webcasts to Google Apps
For Enterprises, Schools, Marketers & Government
Web Conferencing + Webinar + Webcasts
Your Branding
No Download or PIN Codes Required
Integrated with G Suite
Moderation Controls
Super Scalable
Recordable Events
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Feedback From These Satisfied Customers Helps Us In Reaching The Heights
What People Say Who Uses BusinessHangouts

“Business Hangouts is great! … simply having your landing page “Business Hangouts” and being able to launch right into a conference WITHOUT going through the “Splashy” Google Plus page is one of the best features for us. The “Bosses” felt that Google+ was just too cluttered and goofy to take it seriously as a business tool. “

ReVision Energy

“One of the key values that Business Hangouts brings to the Google+ Hangout world is in the area of Interaction. Hangouts by themselves are fantastic when it comes to audience and presenter interactive capabilities. Business Hangouts clearly takes that to an even greater level. “

Ronnie Bincer

“My business success is based on the way I am able to “connect” with my audience all over the world. With Business Hangouts I am able to maximize my time and still let my followers feel a sense of personal connection. It’s simple, flexible and down right “sexy” technology.”

Tony Mojo Lucero