Business Hangouts is your one-stop online event management tool. Manage live and automated webinars, along with host virtual meetings, all through one comprehensive tool.

Automate your Webinars easily with Business Hangouts

Deliver your message any time of the day simply, and increase traffic and viewership of your content.

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Deliver content when And Where your audience wants to watch it

Business Hangouts allows you to set up an automated webinar to deliver pre-recorded content easily. Set up an automated event, choose a registration page template or plug the widget into your own website, and have the content delivered to your audience when they are ready to watch. 

Business Hangouts allows you to track audience engagement and minutes watched, as well as automatically follow up with attendees who dropped off before the webinar was finished or who had watched the entire event.

This allows you to deliver your content effectively while focusing on your own business and content creation – and with Business Hangouts analytics, gives you the feedback to continue to develop and refine your strategy for success.

Automated Webinars deliver the content so you can focus on other areas of your business.

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