Business Hangouts is your one-stop online event management tool. Manage live and automated webinars, along with host virtual meetings, all through one comprehensive tool.

Enabling Educators and Training Providers with Video Conferencing Solutions

the perfect solution for Educators and Training Providers who are looking for automated, live and group sessions all on one platform.

According to a ThinkImpact study, students retain 25% to 60% more information online and require 40-60% less time learning than in traditional classrooms. Educators across all levels are transitioning to provide online classes, workshops and webinars as a part of their curriculum or moving to a full-online format in order to deliver their educational content.

Business Hangouts is a one-stop solution for Educators and Trainers. Live and Automated webinars – offered either as individual sessions or a series – offers flexibility in delivering your material, and Business Hangouts’ ‘always-on’ meeting rooms can provide workshop, group or one-on-one online meetings between the trainer and their students.

Business Hangouts can also be used to produce masterclasses: either live or automated sessions, with group sessions in any schedule you wish to provide. Combined with our payment integrations with PayPal, Stripe and others, it is easy to set up payments within the webinar platform to charge for webinars and masterclasses.

Add to that Business Hangouts’ email automation tools to remind students when classes are and where to find replays, as well as powerful analytics to ensure attendance to mandatory training sessions, and Business Hangouts provides a one-stop training solution that is flexible to your unique training needs.

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  • Live and Automated Webinars provide flexibility in content delivery
  • Individual webinars and Series allow you to schedule content according to your schedule and class requirements easily 
  • Meeting rooms provide easy workshops, group work and one-on-one sessions easily for the entire team
  • Email automation tools easily remind students when classes are behind held, as well as where to see replays
  • Analytics ensure attendance compliance and provide important metrics to help measure success


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